Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seriously....where does Randy Hopper live?

Before the untimely (though hopefully temporary) crash of Blogging Blue 1.0, I had written about the extramarital affair of Republican State Senator Randy Hopper, as mentioned HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. In response to the news about Sen. Hopper's extramarital affair, Rebecca Hogan, Hopper's chief of staff, called the accounts "shameful and disgusting," but I think that given the fact that Sen. Hopper ran in 2008 as a "family values" Republican, I think his extramarital affair is what's really shameful and disgusting.

However, while Randy Hopper's extramarital affair is certainly newsworthy (at least in my humble opinion), what might be even more newsworthy are accounts that Hopper doesn't live in the district he represents. Hopper's wife recently told pro-union protesters outside the home she once shared with Hopper that he lived in Madison with his girlfriend, and according to Tony Galli of WKOW, the address Sen. Hopper's office provided as his temporary in-district residence is a Town of Empire home co-owned by a campaign contributor who is also an employee of a radio station owned by Hopper, begging the question: where does State Senator Randy Hopper really live?


  1. Hopper has not even tried to hide this relationship with the 25 year old woman. He had her on his arm at Scott Walker's inaugural ball for god's sake!

  2. The 26 year old, Valerie Cass, was formerly employed by Persuasion Partners, which is a conservative LOBBY agency. Shortly after the mistress issue came to light all mention of her was removed from the company web site. It's interesting she left the agency and was "offered" an LTE state job in the Walker Administration. AND she's being paid $12,000 more than the previous occupant of the job. But don't just take my word for it:
    Link to the National Journal