Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jim Sullivan endorses Chris Abele

From my email inbox comes news of former County Executive candidate Jim Sullivan's endorsement of Chris Abele to be the next Milwaukee County Executive:
The battle over worker rights in Madison over the past several weeks is a dramatic example why we need to elect leaders who will fight for us and stand up for our shared values.

That's why I enthusiastically endorse Chris Abele for Milwaukee County Executive, and urge you to do everything you can to help elect him on April 5th. He will bring the change and reform Milwaukee County desperately needs, and he will stand up for what's right.
Hopefully Sullivan's endorsement of Chris Abele will quell the concerns some Democrats had about Abele's liberal "credentials," and hopefully the endorsement will help secure Sullivan voters for Chris Abele on April 5, because the last thing Milwaukee County needs is another term of Scott Walker, and that's exactly what we'll get if Rep. Jeff Stone is elected County Executive.

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